​Dr. Ida P. Rolf

"​Imagination in Motion"
Jeff Castle
​Certified Rolfer(TM) 

"Specializing in Back Pain,  Headaches and Movement disorders"

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My job is to Balance your body so that you move with more ease and
have less pain and tightness.
This allows you to live the life
 you want to live.

I went to Jeff after dealing with the pain that started to the right of where my skull and neck meet. The pain was radiating down my neck into my shoulder. I went to my chiropractor and massage therapist, but only had temporary relief. After just a few sessions of the ten series, I began noticing the pain was returning less and less frequently. Jeff gave me the insights and tools to use when I notice any tension starting in this area. I am now pain free.

Things in my body are integrating very well. I have moments when I am not conscious about how all my parts are moving on their own so smoothly, with very few instances where I have to remind myself not to fall back into my old structure stories. Remembering that I have the power to correct anything that does not feel true and good for my body. Things are forever looking up, (while keeping my chin down, lol). Thank you Jeff for your compassion and help. I will be forever grateful.
Sincerely, Linda Soto- Erie, Pa.